TellTheBell Canada – Welcome to Take Taco Bell Survey Canada to Win $500

tellthebell canada

For all the Canadian fast food lovers, here is exciting news. Now you can get free delicious tacos while eating your own. Isn’t it an amazing offer? Taco Bell offers you free cash prizes and discount coupons in reward of your honest feedback at TelltheBell Canada survey at

Read about all the details about the survey here and don’t miss this amazing chance of winning cash and free tacos. Survey

If you live in Canada and want to win $500 through Taco Bell sweepstakes don’t worry at all. Taco Bell provides an equal chance for the Canadian people to win their amazing prizes by giving your honest feedback at TelltheBell Canada Survey.

TelltheBell Canada Survey Rewards

Taco Bell offers free rewards i.e. cash prize up to $500, free tacos and discount coupons to its loyal customers who spend their valuable time to give feedback about their recent Taco Bell visit.

What you will be asked in TelltheBell Canada Survey?

Taco Bell has initiated this survey to gather honest opinions from the loyal customers of the restaurant. The TelltheBell Canada survey comprises a few simple questions, and replying to those questions will not take your much time

The questions of the survey will ask about your satisfaction level with the food delivery, quality, and cost, friendliness of the restaurant staff and cleanliness, etc.

TelltheBell Canada Survey Rules

You will require to fulfill the following conditions to participate in the tellthebell Canada survey.

  • You will need a smart device with a strong internet connection to visit the official website of the tellthebell Canada survey.
  • A recent purchase of your Taco Bell visits with the mentioned survey code.
  • In case if your receipt does not have survey code, it should contain store number, date and time of your
  • Participants must be at least 18 years of age to take the survey.
  • A basic understanding of English is necessary to answer the question asked during the survey.
  • Only the citizens of Canada can take the tellthebell Canada survey.
  • Employees and family members of employees of Taco Bell cannot enter the survey as per survey rules.

How to Participate in TelltheBell Canada Survey?

If you want to take the tellthebell Canada survey, follow one out of two below-mentioned survey procedures and enter the TelltheBell sweepstakes.

Online Entry Procedure for Tell The Bell Canada

  • Open the browser on your smart device and browse the official website of the Tellthebell Canada survey at
  • Enter the survey code or store number to begin the survey.
  • After entering the receipt detail, you will be directed towards the survey questions.
  • Answer them honestly based on your recent Taco Bell visit.
  • In the end, you will be supposed to provide your personal details like full name, physical address and contact details including phone number and email address.
  • Provide all the valid details, as this information will be used to contact you in case if you win.
  • Once you have given all details, click on the submit button and you will be given a coupon code.
  • Note this code to redeem free tacos on your next Taco Bell visit.
  • After all this process, you will be successfully entered the sweepstakes, no further action

Mail-in Procedure

  • For mail-in the entry you will need a 3*5 inch paper.
  •  Write your personal details like Name, Age, Physical Address, Contact number, Email id
  • After writing your details, write down your feedback, reviews. suggestions, complaints, and issues with Taco bell.
  • After completing all the details send it to:
    • Taco Bell Survey Sweepstakes
    • PO BOX number 6047,
    • 39421 Department, Douglas, AZ 85655.

How to know about TelltheBell Canada Winners?

Taco Bell will notify TellTheBell Canada winners using an email address or telephone number they provided during survey submission. You can also find the list of Tell the Bell Canada winners on the official site.

Customer Service Contacts

If you have complaints or any suggestions to share with the Taco Bell customer care, you can contact them at any time using the following details.

Phone number 1-866-364-0846



This is all about the tell the bell Canada survey. We hope this extensive article will help you participate in the survey easily. If you still find any query related to Tell The Bell Canada Survey then let us know in the comments below. We love to help you.

Participating and winning Taco Bell Canada survey prizes is not a difficult task. So, try your luck now and take part in this TellTheBell Canada Survey to win 500$ cash.

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TellTheBell – Taco Bell Customer Survey to Win $500 Cash Latest

tell the bell survey

Are you a Taco Bell regular customer and want to win free cash prizes? Then you do not need to put a lot of hard work. Taco customers can have up to $500 cash prize, By just entering into a 5 mint survey. In TelltheBell survey you only need to provide simple feedback about the taco bell store. Taco Bell is a well known famous restaurant name in America and also is a subsidiary of the yum brand.

Taco bell initiates this tellthebell customer feedback survey to have valuable feedback from its customers. In reward of which restaurant offers an opportunity to win delicious taco and many cash prizes.

If you have visited Taco Bell recently and you got its purchase receipt, then what are you waiting for? Take TelltheBell customer survey right now by following the procedure mentioned below and grab your exciting prize.

TelltheBell Customer Satisfaction Survey Quick Details

Restaurant Website
Official Survey Website
Prizes $500 cash - Tacos - Discount Coupons
Purchase Required Yes (for online entry)
Other Requirements Receipt, Survey Code, Store Number, Date, Time
Region The United States of America
Languages English, Spanish
Age Limit Minimum of 18 years
Entry Limit 1 Entry/ Person
Coupon Code Validity 14 Days

What Will You Get through Tellthebell Survey?

By taking the TelltheBell customer survey, next time you visit Taco Bell restaurant, you will get an enhanced experience of your favorite fast food place in addition to many exciting prizes.

These prizes include cash prizes up to $500, free yummy tacos and many discount coupons to avail on your next Taco Bell visit.

Before diving in to know about its procedure, here we provide a brief intro of Taco Bell and its feedback survey to let you know how it works.

About Taco Bell – Tell The Bell

Your favorite Taco Bell restaurant was founded by Glenn Bell in 1946. In this world where it is quite tough to differentiate yourself from others, Taco Bell did it in a very efficient way.

Unlike its other big competitors such as KFC and McDonalds etc. Taco Bell offers a wide range of delicious ethnic oriented meals such as tacos, burritos, and nachos, etc.

Taco Bell values its customer’s feedback that is why it has initiated an online survey platform called TelltheBell to collect candid feedback from its customers and take appropriate measures. The feedback gathered through this platform helps the company to improve its services and products according to customers’ choices.

The company offers free cash prizes and discount offers to the participants of the survey in reward of the time and efforts they put in taking the survey.

Rules and Requirements for the TelltheBell Customer Survey

Taking the tellthebell survey is very simple. However, there are following rules and requirements which participants need to fulfill to enter the survey.

  1. A smart device with a strong internet connection is a must to have a thing to join the TelltheBell survey.
  2. Entrants should be familiar with English or Spanish to fill out the survey.
  3. All the participants who want to take the survey should be at least 18 years of age.
  4. A recent Taco bell purchase receipt is a must to enter the survey.
  5. Your receipt should be recent not older than two weeks.
  6. Your receipt should contain 16 digits survey invitation code or store number, date and time of your Taco bell visit in it.
  7. Only the legal citizens of the United States are eligible to enter the TelltheBell customer survey.
  8. Employees or family members of the employees cannot participate in the survey.
  9. One purchase receipt can only be valid for one entry. If you want to enter more than once. You will need a separate receipt each time.

Step by Step Process for TellTheBell Survey at

There are two methods you can opt for joining the tellthebell survey.

  1. Online Entry Method
  2. Mail-in Entry Method

Taco Bell Customer Survey Online Entry Method

To participate in the tellthebell survey online, follow the below-mentioned steps carefully.

  • Visit the official website for tellthebell survey i.e.
  • After visiting the official site, you will be asked to provide a 16 digit code mentioned on your purchase receipt. Enter it in the relevant field.
  • In case if you do not have a survey code, you can still enter the survey by providing store number, date and time of your taco bell visit.
  • The first question will appear where you will have to rate your overall satisfaction level
  • After this, you will ask about your order type. Fill it and after it, you will be directed towards the survey questionnaire.
  • Answer all the questions depending upon your recent Taco Bell experience.
  • After completing the survey questionnaire, you will be automatically eligible for the survey sweepstakes.

TellTheBell Customer Survey Mail-In Entry Method

If you do not have a purchase receipt, you can still enter the tellthebell survey using mail-in the method. Here are steps you will need to follow to enter via mail.

  • Take a 3×5-inch paper and write down your credentials such as name, age, phone number and complete physical address on it.
  • Post it to the following taco bell mailing address: Taco Bell Survey Sweepstakes, P. O. BOX 6047, and Dep’t.39421, Douglas, AZ 85655.

What You Will be Asked in Tellthebell Feedback Survey?

The tell the bell feedback survey comprises of almost 15 questions depending upon the type of your order and the level of your satisfaction with the restaurant. The questions are very simple and easy to answer, and you can fill up the complete survey in not more than 2 minutes.

All the tellthebell participants are eligible to win the survey amazing prizes including up to $500 cash.

The questions asked in the survey are all related to your experience at Taco Bell restaurant. Your satisfaction level with different categories is measured through a 1-5 scale where 5 represents highly satisfied and 1 represents highly dissatisfied.


This is all about the tellthebell customer satisfaction survey which you need to know before entering the survey. We hope now you can easily take the survey and win free prizes.

If you still found and difficulty during the whole procedure, feel free to comment below. We love to help you out. Thank you

Tell the Bell – Taco Bell Customer Feedback Survey 2020 Latest

Tell the Bell is an amazing opportunity for all the Taco Bell lovers to win free delicious food items and $500 cash prize.

Tellthebell survey is a very famous fast-food chain in the United States, is having an online feedback survey conducted by the Taco Bell restaurant. Taco Bell offers free tacos and cash prizes to its customers in exchange for their valuable feedback. Taco Bell is a subsidiary of a yum brand from china.

Already wants to participate in this Taco Bell Survey? Don’t worry. We are happy to assist you and we can provide you all the details regarding TellTheBell survey procedure and you will win $500 cash.

A Brief Introduction of Taco Bell

Taco Bell is founded by a person named called Glenn Bell. Bell started a hot dog stand which is named Bell’s drive-in. He started it at the age of 23 years back in 1946. Later, he opened many other restaurants, and finally, in 1962 he founded a first Taco Bell restaurant in California.

PepsiCo a famous named brand, purchased Taco Bell from Glenn Bell at time of 1978. Until now, the owner of Taco Bell is Pepsico. While having huge network list in terms of restaurant chains, Taco Bell is operating more than 7000 outlets. These outlets have almost 3 billion customers every year across the world.

Tell the Bell Customer Survey

The current owner of Taco Bell i.e. PepsiCo works day and night to improve the standards of Taco Bell and make it the best fast food restaurant for its customers. That is why they offer cash prizes and discount offers to all the customers for giving their feedback about Taco Bell experience at Tell the Bell customer feedback survey.

tell the bell

Purpose of the Tell the Bell Survey

The prime purpose behind initiating Tell the Bell Survey is to provide an improved experience to its customers by utilizing the suggestions and reviews obtained through this survey.

Customers are not only asked to provide positive feedback rather their negative reviews and complaints are equally welcome. Moreover, Taco Bell takes proper measures to rectify their shortcomings and lacking.

Another important reason for conducting Tell the Bell survey is to improve the following areas:

  • Good food taste quality.
  • The satisfaction of the Customers with Taco Bell.
  • Enhanced food quality and delivery.
  • Cost of the food as compared with other food restaurants
  • The cleanliness and freshness of food.
  • Availability of food items and menu of the restaurant
  • The behavior of the Taco Bell working staff.
  • Cleanliness of the Taco Bell outlet.
  • Comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere

Requirements for the Tell the Bell Survey

Though participating in Tell the Bell is an easy task, However, everyone may need to fulfill following simple requirements to enter the survey.

  • You will need a smart device whether a laptop, PC, tablet or a smartphone
  • An internet connection to search for the official Tell the Bell website needed.
  • A receipt of a Taco Bell purchase having an invitation code written on it.

Rules and Regulations

If you have fulfilled the above mentioned three requirements you can enter the survey by following these survey rules.

  • Only 18 years and plus can enter the Tell the Bell survey.
  • Tell the Bell survey provides you two languages to fill out the form.
    • Customers need to understand either English or Spanish.
  • The United States residents who are legal from the locals can start the tell the bell survey.
  • Employees of the Taco Bell or the family members of the employees are not permissible to enter the survey
  • One purchase receipt is valid for only one entry. If you want to take the survey more than once you will need a separate receipt each time.

Participate in Tell the Bell Feedback Survey

Below mentioned are the enlist instructions to enter in Tell the Bell survey. You must follow them to have a smooth experience.

  • Open your laptop/Pc/mobile.
  • Enters
  • The survey site’s homepage will be open.
  • Provide 16 digits survey code of your receipt in the relevant field.
  • If you do not have a survey code, you can still participate by providing;
    • store number, date, and time of your Taco Bell visit.
  • Then, the TelltheBell survey will start (Include several questions).
  • Customers need to answer every question honestly according to their last visit to the store.
  • After answering the survey questions, you will be automatically entered into the sweepstakes.

Famous Questions Asked in The Tell the Bell Survey

The Questions asked in the tell the bell survey are very simple and it will not take your more than a few mins in answering them. Below are a few questions for your help so you can get the idea of what you will be asked during the survey.

  • Question # 1 is about customers having overall satisfaction with Taco Bell
  • Question # 2 will ask you to choose your order type out of the available options like Dine-in, Drive-thru, and Carry-out.
  • Question # 3 will be again about your Satisfaction with the options they have given.
  • Question # 4 is about any problem if the customer has ever faced at Taco Bell
  • Question # 5 is about your valuable suggestions. If you want any product or service to improve you can answer here.
  • Question # 6 asks whether you have Purchased a Hard-Shell Taco or not. Reply accordingly.
  • Question # 7 will ask you if you are a legal citizen of the united states and are 18 years of age or older, you may enter your sweepstakes. Select yes here.

Final Words

Tell the bell customer survey is a great deal for TACO Lovers. Who will not want to win a free $500 cash prize? The cash prize and free discounts not only appeal genuine feedback from their customers, but it also opens up a wide scope for Taco Bell to provide their customers an improved and more facilitated experience in the future.


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