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TellTheBell – Taco Bell Customer Satisfaction Survey to Win $500 Cash

Are you a Taco Bell regular customer and want to win free cash prizes? Then you do not need to put a lot of hard work. TelltheBell is conducted by Taco Bell restaurant, a trusted brand name for the fast-food in the US. It is also known as a subsidiary for the Yums brand in china. is a feedback survey collected from customers of Taco Bell. It is also known as sweepstakes to gather valuable feedback and provide them the opportunity to give taco rewards.

If you haven’t eaten Taco bell Tacos then you need to try those beauties immediately. It’s simple to try your luck to win huge cash, you just need to read the post. If you already tried Taco bell then you should save the receipt and start entering in to survey. Let’s dive into the TelltheBell customer survey now. Below is the process to grab your exciting prize.

TelltheBell Customer Satisfaction Survey Quick Details

Restaurant Website
Official Survey Website
Prizes $500 cash - Tacos - Discount Coupons
Purchase Required Yes (for online entry)
Other Requirements Receipt, Survey Code, Store Number, Date, Time
Region The United States of America
Languages English, Spanish
Age Limit Minimum of 18 years
Entry Limit 1 Entry/ Person
Coupon Code Validity 14 Days

What Will You Get through Tellthebell Survey or Taco Bell Survey?

By taking the TelltheBell customer survey, next time you visit Taco Bell restaurant, you will get an enhanced experience of your favorite fast food place in addition to many exciting prizes. We are telling you sweepstakes 2020 is AHHMMAZZING!!

These prizes include cash prizes up to $500, free yummy tacos, and many discount coupons to avail on your next Taco Bell visit or website.

Taco bell survey is provided at the ease of one-click for every customer. Which includes various language such as English / Taco bell Spanish while includes specific easy to access sites for every continent such as for Taco Bell India. You can check country-wise International Taco bell sweepstakes here.

Taco Bell is a simple survey, below is the enlisted process with a little intro of Taco Bell and its feedback survey that will give you an idea of how the survey works.

About Taco Bell – Tell The Bell

Your favorite Taco Bell restaurant was founded by Glenn Bell in 1946. In this world where it is quite tough to differentiate yourself from others, Taco Bell did it in a very efficient way.

Unlike its other big competitors such as KFC and McDonalds etc. Taco Bell offers a wide range of delicious ethnic oriented meals such as tacos, burritos, and nachos, etc.

Customers and their feedback are a great asset for the company that is why it has initiated a feedback system called TelltheBell to collect feedback take precautionary measures. Every feedback provided in the survey whether in written form or rating is saved for the company to improve the environment and services. Customer choices matters for the Taco bell.

The company offers free cash prizes and discount offers to the participants of the survey in reward of the time and efforts they put in taking the survey.

Rules and Requirements for the TelltheBell Customer Survey

Taking the tellthebell survey is very simple. However, there are following rules and requirements which participants need to fulfill to enter the taco bell survey.

  • A smart device with a strong internet connection is a must-have to join the TelltheBell survey.
  • Entrants should be familiar with English or Spanish to fill out the survey.
  • All the participants who want to take the survey should be at least 18 years of age.
  • A recent Taco bell purchase receipt is a must to enter the survey.
  • Your receipt should be recent not older than two weeks.
  • Your receipt should contain 16 digits survey invitation code or store number, date, and time of your Taco bell visit in it.
  • Only the legal citizens of the United States are eligible to enter the TelltheBell customer survey.
  • Employees or family members of the employees cannot participate in the survey.
  • One purchase receipt can only be valid for one entry. If you want to enter more than once. You will need a separate receipt each time.

Step by Step Process for TellTheBell Survey at

There are two methods you can opt for joining the tellthebell survey.

  1. Online Entry Method
  2. Mail-in Entry Method

Taco Bell Customer Survey Online Entry Method

To participate in the tellthebell survey online, follow the below-mentioned steps carefully.

  • Visit the official website for tellthebell survey i.e.
  • After visiting the official site, you will be asked to provide a 16 digit code mentioned on your purchase receipt. Enter it in the relevant field.
  • In case if you do not have a survey code, you can still enter the survey by providing store number, date and time of your taco bell visit.
  • The first question will appear where you will have to rate your overall satisfaction level
  • After this, you will ask about your order type. Fill it and after it, you will be directed towards the survey questionnaire.
  • Answer all the questions depending upon your recent Taco Bell experience.
  • After completing the survey questionnaire, you will be automatically eligible for the survey sweepstakes.

TellTheBell Customer Survey Mail-In Entry Method

If you do not have a purchase receipt, you can still enter the tellthebell survey using mail-in the method. Here are steps you will need to follow to enter via mail.

  • Take a 3×5-inch paper and write down your credentials such as name, age, phone number and complete physical address on it.
  • Post it to the following taco bell mailing address: Taco Bell Survey Sweepstakes, P. O. BOX 6047, and Dep’t.39421, Douglas, AZ 85655.

What You Will be Asked in Tellthebell Feedback Survey?

The tell the bell feedback survey comprises of almost 15 questions depending upon the type of your order and the level of your satisfaction with the restaurant. The questions are very simple and easy to answer, and you can fill up the complete survey in not more than 2 minutes.

All the tellthebell participants are eligible to win the survey amazing prizes including up to $500 cash.

The questions asked in the survey are all related to your experience at Taco Bell restaurant. Your satisfaction level with different categories is measured through a 1-5 scale where 5 represents highly satisfied and 1 represents highly dissatisfied.


This is all about the tellthebell customer satisfaction survey which you need to know before entering the survey. We hope now you can easily take the survey and win free prizes.

If you still found and difficulty during the whole procedure, feel free to comment below. We love to help you out. Thank you